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Paris Climate Agreement; Trump’s Decision was Right, Not His Reasoning

June 17, 2017

President Trump removed the U.S. from the recently finalized Paris Climate Agreement.  He was right:

-these agreements are never followed by the signing nations; they might feel good to environmentalist voters but they accomplish little or nothing.

-even the supporters agree that abiding by the terms of the accord would reduce projected global warming over the next decades by 0.17%.  This is trivial and would cost trillions of dollars if nations actually abided by these voluntary targets.

-the spending that would be necessary to meet the goals can be much better spent on such projects as clean water for those without access and reducing the incidence of malaria.  Leaving more money in the private sector instead of spending it on politically-favored “green” companies would help too.  The private sector has come up with many things that benefit the environment even though the motivation was profit.  The surge in natural gas production is the most recent example; gas has supplanted coal, resulting in less pollution.

Trump’s reasoning is the problem.  He says global warming is a Chinese plot to tie up U.S. manufacturing in environmental restrictions.  Global warming is not a scam, although many environmentalists accept the most extreme interpretations of the threat.

Rick Miller

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